Sherilyns # (918) 490-2336Bobby's # (918) 490-2334WEATHERweather for that day in McAlester (31 miles W of Wilburton): High of 86 Low of 59. When 1st photos were taken it was 80.1 degrees (at 12:53) and overcast, 84.9 at for that day in Stigler (42 miles NNE of Wilburton): High of 86 Low of 5780.6 degrees at 12:55, and 86 degrees at 2:55pm.[url][/url]DEATHSBob D Jamison passed on December 10 2009 PHONE CALL RECORDSOriginally Posted by mtrooper  OK- I tried to lay it out better.On 10/7 there were multiple calls on Bobbie’s cell phone 18 to be exact.9:18 AM, Bobby checked his voicemail, 9:19 AM Bobby called a number that I am unable to identify and spoke for 37 minutes 9:26 AM received a call waiting call at spoke with them for 31 minutes (I am thinking maybe a 3 way call?) *both were Eufaula area numbers. 2:41 PM Bobby checked his voice mail 12:42 PM Bobby called the church family and spoke for 11 min. 1:38 PM Bobby placed a call to the land owners that live out of state (2 minutes).1:40 PM Bobby called they back again for 2 more minutes. 1:55 PM Bobby checked his voice mail. 1:56 PM Bobby checked his voicemail1:58 PM Bobby called the mystery Eufaula number (1 min.)1:59 PM Bobby called his voicemail2:02 PM Bobby called back the mystery Eufaula number (1min.). 2:06 PM Bobby called back the land owners (1min.). The land owners then called him 2:07 PM Land owners called Bobby (3min.) 2:15 PM Land owners called Bobby (2min.). 2:16 PM Bobby appears to have tried to call the lady that lives on the mountain but misdialed? One of the numbers is not right, but all the rest are (1min.). 2:18 PM Bobby calls property owners (1 min.) 9:18 PM.Bobby called his voicemailOn 10/8-8:09AM Bobby calls lady on mountain (101min.) *it gets a bit weird here but I will do my best. So every time Bobby had dialed voice mail up until now the phone record shows VMAIL. 1:50 PM it looks like bobby dials voice mail )it has his number in the number called like all the other VMAIL calls, but instead of saying VMAIL it says BRISTO OK.10/12. Same weirdness with the calls, they all look like he called to check his voicemail, but they are listed differently. 6:00PM BRISTO OK8:00PM Incoming call8:50PM incoming call8:51PM BRISTO OK.10/13-5:27 PM incoming call.COORDS FOR TRUCK35.006097,-95.200653ALL THINGS COURT RELATED09/24/08- Bob Sr. Files divorce11/04/08-Star files for protective order against Bob Sr.5/1/09- Bob jr. Applies for PPO against Bob Sr.5/11/09- bob jr. Sues Bob sr and star for the gas station.12/16/09- Star files for estate8/17/09- final dissolution of marriage between Star and Bobby.(Thanks to MTrooper)